Elm Grove Tree Service

Would you trust your health care to an amateur doctor? Probably not, so why would you risk the health and well-being of your trees to one? Gamble on an amateur for your tree services and a lot more damage can happen than you might think. So, when you need tree care, be sure to turn to professionals, like us.

Tree care and repair is what we live for. As licensed, certified, and fully insured arborists with a passion for trees, everything we do is committed to keeping our customers’ trees healthy, beautiful and alive. When you choose us as your go-to Elm Grove tree service, you can count on getting professional service and expert care, every time.

Branch/Limb Removal Services

With some types of trees weighing up to 90 lbs per cubic foot, tree limb removal is a job best left to qualified arborists and tree experts. Unlike amateurs who may or may not have the right tools, a professional tree service has the proper equipment to do the job right. That keeps you and your property out of harm’s way.

Our Elm Grove tree services include limb removal services by licensed and insured arborists, including:

  • Tree damage assessments
  • Tree health assessments
  • Tree repair
  • Branch removal
  • Site cleanup
Tree Removal Services

Is an ugly, damaged or ill-placed tree ruining your otherwise lovely landscape? Just like old tree stumps, damaged and dying trees can lead to a host of property-destroying problems, including rodent nesting, insect infestation, and considerable damage if they collapse.

If you need a tree removed, call us today. As part of our tree removal services, we will notify your neighbors, obtain the necessary permits, coordinate with the utility companies, perform a tree health assessment, and thoroughly clean up the site when we’re finished.

Tree Pruning Services

When was the last time that you had professional pruners assess the health of your trees? If it has been awhile, your trees may be due for a checkup. Having a professional tree service prune your trees annually is a good way to monitor their health. Plus, regular pruning promotes healthy growth.

Depending on your needs, our Elm Grove tree services can include pruning (standard, hazard branch, subordination and structural pruning), crown cleaning, crown reduction, and more.

Wood Chips & Firewood

Don’t want to waste your valuable Elm Grove wood? We can recycle your trees by chipping them to make rough wood chip base mulch or firewood logs.

Stump Removal Services

If your lovely wooded lot contains old tree stumps, you could be inadvertently inviting a host of property-value destroying problems. In fact, even if it looks relatively “healthy” from the outside, a dead tree stump can hide many problems inside, including insect nests, rodent nests, fungal disease, and more. Plus, roots can continue growing beneath the ground, crowding out other plant life.

For safe, efficient tree stump removal and grinding, call us. As part of our services we will:

  • Grind out your tree stump
  • Backfill the stump with debris
  • Smooth out the grade (so that it’s ready for landscaping)
  • Mulch the debris or haul it away (by request)
Storm Damage Repair Services

Wisconsin weather is unpredictable, and one day’s rain storm can turn into the next day’s snow storm. If severe weather causes one of your trees to unexpectedly fail or suffer storm damage, our trained tree experts can help assess the damage, advise you on your options, and do what needs to be done to keep your property and other trees safe and healthy.

Our storm damage trees services include:

  • Tree damage evaluation
  • Tree health evaluation
  • Tree removal
  • Site and lot clean up
Bush & Shrub Trimming Services

Our licensed arborists aren’t just committed to giving you the best tree care services possible—we’re also committed to the health and well-being of your bushes and shrubs. That’s why we offer comprehensive professional bush and shrub trimming services.

Our professional shrub/bush trimming service packages include plant health assessments, branch pruning, branch removal, branch trimming, lot clearing, and site cleanup.

Our Elm Grove tree services are available throughout southeastern Wisconsin. To learn more about us or our tree care philosophy, we encourage you to explore our website.