Tree Pruning Service Milwaukee |

For a Milwaukee tree pruning service you can trust, call A Cut Above Tree Service and Landscaping. We offer Milwaukee tree pruning services that are fast, affordable and put the safety of your property first.

Regardless of what kinds of trees you have on your property, if they are anywhere near your home, garage, or any other type of structure, they will eventually need some sort of pruning to make sure that they don’t become a nuisance. Neglect to prune a tree that grows near your home and you run the risk of it dropping branches during a storm, becoming damaged by disease or insects, or even crashing into your roof if it falls.

How Our Milwaukee Tree Pruning Services Keep Trees Healthy

Proper tree pruning and trimming promotes plant health by encouraging new, controlled growth, new blooming, and strong root development. Plus, healthy trees are less likely to fall prey to disease and insect infestation. But, before you trust anyone to prune your trees, make sure you choose a Milwaukee tree pruning service that uses trained arborists who understand the hows, wheres and whys of tree pruning. An over-pruned or improperly pruned tree can take decades to recover, and in some cases it may not recover at all.

Our Milwaukee tree pruning services may include:
  • Coarse pruning, medium pruning and fine pruning services (as needed)
  • Subordination pruning services (to create good balance)
  • Hazard branch pruning (to remove dangerous tree branches)
  • Clearance branch pruning (to remove inconvenient tree branches)
  • Crown cleaning and crown reductions (for older trees)
  • Thinning, lifting, structural pruning and remedial pruning (as needed)
  • Lot clearing and debris cleanup


For more information about our Milwaukee tree pruning services, or any of our other Milwaukee tree services, contact us today for a free estimate.