Storm Damage Repair

We offer Milwaukee storm damage tree repair services that are dependable, fast, and affordable. From minor Milwaukee storm damage repair to trees that fall over during storms, our trained arborists know how to safely and efficiently remove and repair trees that suffer storm damage.

Wisconsin’s harsh winter storms can cause tremendous stress and damage to trees. Whether you have one tree on your property or your own little grove, all it takes is for one split tree or broken branch to cause damage to your home, vehicles or standing structures. Even minor storm damage can become hazardous if it is not properly dealt with. One storm’s minor broken branch can become the next storm’s tree catastrophe.

Our Milwaukee Storm Damage Repair Services

Our Milwaukee storm damage repair services include:
  • Comprehensive tree examination by an ISA-certified arborist
  • Comprehensive tree damage and tree health assessment
  • Safe, efficient tree repair or tree removal (as needed)
  • Lot clearing and debris cleanup

When it comes to storm damage, we don’t take chances. We promise quick response times and comprehensive care.

Assessing Storm Damage in Trees

People often think that a tree with severe storm damage must be removed before it becomes increasingly unsafe. In many cases, this isn’t necessary. With proper first aid and preventative action, trees can recover from Milwaukee storm damage, and continue to bring their families many decades of beauty and pleasure.

If you have a tree that needs storm damage repair, consider the following:
  • Other than the storm damage, is your tree basically healthy and vigorous?
  • Are your tree’s major limbs intact and unbroken?
  • Is at least 50% of your tree’s crown still intact?
  • Are the wounds on your tree 3-inches or smaller?
  • Are your tree’s remaining branches such that a new branch structure can be formed to give your tree a full appearance?

If you answered “yes” to all of the questions above, chances are that your tree has suffered relatively minor storm damage that can be repaired.

For more information about our Milwaukee storm damage services, or any of our other Milwaukee tree services, contact us today for a free estimate.