Tree Limb-Removal Service Milwaukee |

Call us for Milwaukee hazardous limb removal that is professional, safe and efficient. Don’t take chances: Hire amateurs for hazardous tree limb removal services and you could end up with costly property damage that you didn’t have before.

Many people don’t realize how just how heavy and dense some types of trees can be. In fact, some types of trees can weight up to 90 lbs per cubic foot. If you trust your hazardous tree limb removal services to someone who doesn’t have real experience with tree removal and tree care, they may underestimate the weight of the tree limbs you need removed and create a dangerous situation that can threaten people and your property.

At A Cut Above, we are trained arborists and dedicated professionals. Our Milwaukee hazardous limb removal services always prioritize the safety of our clients, their property and our crews. We are fully insured and licensed. And, when it comes to debris and lot cleanup, you can count on us to haul everything away or chip the tree limb debris for you.

Our Milwaukee Hazardous Tree Limb Removal Services

Our dangerous limb removal services include:
  • Comprehensive tree examination by an ISA-certified arborist
  • Comprehensive tree health and damage assessment
  • Safe, efficient tree repair
  • Lot clearing and debris cleanup

For more information about our Milwaukee hazardous tree limb removal services, or any of our other Milwaukee tree services, contact us today for a free estimate.