Hartland Tree Service

For Hartland tree service by arborists who know trees inside and out, call us. Our fully insured and licensed arborists provide high-quality tree care and tree repair services throughout the Hartland and Lake Country area. And, in all of our services, 100% customer satisfaction is our first priority.

When you choose us for your shrubs and trees, you don’t have to worry about us over-pruning your trees or mangling your shrubs. Our tree services are performed by professional pruners who know how to properly trim and prune plant life, and who value your trees just as much as you do. When we say, “We treat your yard as if it were our own,” we mean it.

Tree Pruning

When you trust us for your tree care, you can rest assured that you’re putting your trees in good hands. As a family-owned and operated tree service company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, high-quality tree care and customer service are our passions, and it shows in everything we do, including our pruning services.

We offer:

  • Standard pruning (to maintain appearance)
  • Subordination pruning (to direct tree growth)
  • Structural pruning (to increase tree integrity)
  • Hazard branch removal (to remove dangerous branches)
  • Crown reduction (to improve light penetration and air circulation)
  • Crown cleaning (to remove defective limbs)
Hazardous Tree Limb Removal

Broken branches and tree limbs are common, but the knowledge and equipment needed to properly remove them are not. If you have a tree with broken limbs, it could pose a hazard to itself, other trees, and even your property. A gust of wind or a storm could be all it takes to dislodge the limb and send it slamming into something (or someone).

If you have a precariously perched broken branch, our insured and licensed tree care professionals can help. And, when you choose us for your tree limb removal services, you don’t just get safe, efficient tree repair—you also get expert tree care by a licensed and fully insured arborist committed to the health and longevity of your trees. Throughout the entire process, you can count on us to protect the health of your value-boosting Hartland trees.

Storm Damage Repair

Lightning bolts, gusts of wind, and random flying objects are just a few things that can leave you with a storm damaged tree. If you need emergency tree repair to help save a tree after a storm, our fully insured and licensed arborists can help. We’re committed to providing safe and effective emergency tree services in Hartland and throughout Lake Country.

If you have storm damaged trees that need assessment or saving, contact us today for a free estimate or inspection. One of our arborists will assess the damage and advise you on how we can help repair the tree (or remove it, if necessary).

Tree Removal

Picnics and tire swings, treehouses and sun-filled afternoons. These are just a few of the memories that an old tree can bring to a family. Unfortunately, sometimes disease or damage can mean that a once-loved tree needs to be taken down. And, while it isn’t an easy decision to have a tree removed, if it must be done, be sure to turn to a professional tree service that will prioritize the safety of your property and other trees.

As part of our comprehensive tree removal services, you can count on us to thoroughly assess your tree’s health and condition, to manage all of the permitting and utility company details, and to thoroughly clean up the site before we leave.

Stump Removal and Stump Grinding

Are you prepared to wait 10 or more years for the ugly tree stump that’s ruining your landscape to finally break down on its own—especially when it could be gone in one, short weekend or less? If not, call us today about our stump removal and grinding services. Our stump removal services include removing the stump, grinding it down, backfilling it for ground stability, and then leveling the grade for future landscaping.

And, because we’re tree care professionals committed to giving you the high-quality service you deserve, you can count on us to treat you and your property with the utmost respect.

Wood Chips & Firewood

If you don’t want to waste your valuable Hartland wood, we can recycle it by chipping it to make firewood logs or and non-decorative mulch. Our wood chip mulch is great for preventing weeds and retaining moisture.

Bush & Shrub Trimming

If you’re a Hartland homeowner, you probably already know that having healthy, well-kept trees protects your property values and curb appeal, but did you know that keeping properly trimmed shrubs and bushes has the same effect? Like professional tree care, professional shrubbery services help maintain landscape aesthetics and property values. So, why do one and not the other? Bundle our tree and bush trimming services and we can inspect and maintain your trees and shrubbery in the same visit.

Our Hartland tree services are available throughout southeastern Wisconsin. To learn more about us or our tree care philosophy, we encourage you to explore our website.