Merton Tree Service

Merton may be small, but what it lacks in population it more than makes up for in trees. So, if you need Merton tree services that you can trust for expert care, think of us. Our fully licensed arborists are tree experts with experience caring for many types of the most popular local tree and shrub species, including maple, spruce, oak, elm, juniper, and more.

Bush & Shrub Trimming Services

Because we know that your property has more than just trees to contend with, we offer professional shrub and bush trimming services. Depending on your needs, these services may include plant health assessments, branch pruning, branch trimming, branch removal, lot clearing, and site cleanup.

Keeping your shrubbery healthy can be just as important as getting quality tree care. Not only can bushes and shrubs suffer from many of the same infestation issues, they are more likely to host and spread disease if they are in poor health.

Hazardous Tree Limb Removal Services

Our Merton tree services include limb and branch removal services by arborists.
Depending on your needs, this may include any of the following:

  • Tree repair
  • Branch removal
  • Damage assessment
  • Tree health assessment
  • Site cleanup

Removing damaged and diseased tree limbs from your trees is just one of the ways that a professional tree service can help you protect the health, look and longevity of your trees. Because improper or heavy pruning can have serious health consequences for trees, however, it is important that you choose a qualified arborist, horticulturist or similar professional—someone who truly understands tree physiology and will not unintentionally harm your trees.

Tree Removal Services

Whether you need one tree removed or a full stand, we can help. We offer comprehensive tree removal services that cover the big work (such as removing the tree and cleaning the site) and the small details (such as getting the necessary permits, coordinating with the utility companies, and notifying your neighbors).

Choosing to have a tree removed is often a difficult decision. So, before we begin work, you can count on us to thoroughly assess the health of your tree and the site on which it grows. This way we can advise you on your options and give you a fair estimate for our services.

Wood Chips & Firewood

If you don’t want to waste your valuable Merton wood, we can chip it to make firewood logs and non-decorative wood chip mulch. Mulches are an environmentally sustainable and affordable way to retain moisture and prevent weed growth.

Tree Pruning Services

Would you trust your health care to an amateur doctor? Probably not, so why would you risk the health and well-being of your trees to one? If your trees are due for pruning and a checkup, turn to tree care professionals who have the knowledge, skills and experience to properly prune your trees and bushes.

Gamble on an amateur for your tree care services and you may regret it. Choose us instead and you can count on getting high-quality tree care from licensed and fully insured arborists. Our

Merton tree services include the following as-needed services:

  • Standard pruning (coarse, medium and fine)
  • Crown cleaning
  • Crown reduction
  • Hazard branch removal
  • Subordination pruning
  • Structural pruning
  • And more
Stump Removal Services

Are ugly tree stumps ruining the look of your property? Or, worse yet, are they stopping you from making the most of your land? A dead tree stump isn’t just an eyesore, it can also be an irritating obstruction that makes mowing and gardening a huge hassle.

If you have stumps that you need removed and ground out, call us. We offer full-service stump removal and grinding services that include:

  • Grinding
  • Backfilling (to prevent sinking)
  • Smoothing the grade (so that it’s ready for landscaping)
  • Mulching debris
  • Hauling debris (by request)
Storm Damage Repair Services

Here in Wisconsin, where we’re all trees and wild weather, it’s no surprise that storm damage to trees is fairly common. From being hit by lightning to broken branches and bent trunks, trees suffer all sorts of storm damage during our storm seasons. Luckily, just because a tree has suffered damage doesn’t necessarily mean that it needs to be removed.

If you have a damaged tree that you’re hoping to save, give us a call. Our qualified arborists can perform a full damage and health evaluation to determine whether your tree can be saved, and if so, what needs to be done. Depending on the unique needs of your tree, this may include tree repair, branch removal, or—in more extreme cases—tree removal.

Our Merton tree services are available throughout southeastern Wisconsin. To learn more about us or our tree care philosophy, we encourage you to explore our website.