Oconomowoc Tree Service

From tree pruning and removal to stump grinding and emergency tree care, our Oconomowoc tree service team has the skills, equipment and true passion for trees needed to keep your trees healthy, safe and good-looking. And, our commitment to high-quality work and exceptional customer service shows in everything we do—just look at our A+ Better Business Rating and glowing testimonials for proof.

When you choose us to care for your trees, you don’t have to worry about amateur man-handlers over-pruning your trees or mangling your shrubs. Our tree services are performed by licensed arborists who value your trees and your property just as much as you do. We really mean it when we say, “We treat your yard as if it were our own.”

Tree Removal Services

While it is sad when you realize that you need a tree removed, prolonging the pain by putting off the inevitable only puts your property at risk. Trees that have suffered catastrophic damage or are suffering from extensive disease can quickly turn from eyesores into danger zones. Instead of waiting for the inevitable to come crashing down on your lawn (or house), hire a tree service that can safely remove your tree for you.

As a family-owned and operated tree company that is committed to giving our customers the absolute best customer service possible, you can count on us to put the safety of you and your property first. Even when it comes to hard-to-reach trees, we have the skills and equipment needed to get the job done right.

Tree Pruning Services

Do your bushes and shrubs need a little nip and tuck? For high-quality tree pruning by licensed and insured professional tree pruners, call us. Our bush and tree pruners are arborists who are passionate about trees and customer satisfaction. So, when you choose us, you can count on quality care and 100% satisfaction, guaranteed.

We offer the following tree care services in Oconomowoc and the other communities we serve: structural pruning (to increase tree integrity), subordination pruning (to direct tree growth), hazard branch removal (to remove dangerous branches), crown cleaning (to remove defective limbs), crown reduction (to improve light penetration and air circulation), and standard pruning (to maintain appearance).

Stump Removal and Stump Grinding Services

Unless you have a plan for it, a cut-off tree trunk can quickly become an ugly eyesore that manages to be in your way when you’re mowing, gardening and just trying to enjoy your lawn. Worse yet, tree stumps can last for decades (many of them!) and their roots can continue to grow underground, depriving your other plant life of much-needed water and nutrients.

Instead of waiting for those stumps to sprout new leaves and terrorize your otherwise peaceful lawn, call us for professional stump removal and grinding. We’ll grind out the stump to well below ground level, backfill it so that it won’t sink, and then level the grade so that you can perfect your landscape as you see fit.

Bush & Shrub Trimming Services

As passionate arborists committed to providing the highest quality services and customer service possible, we don’t just provide the best tree care in Oconomowoc, we also provide professional bush trimming and shrub trimming services. From your oaks and elms to your boxwood and holly bushes, our arborists have the knowledge and skills needed to prune and trim your trees and shrubs to perfection.

Depending on the needs of your shrubbery, our services may include coarse, medium or fine pruning, removal of inconvenient branches, and site cleanup.

Hazardous Tree Limb Removal Services

Disease. Lightning. Hail. Frost damage. Storm damage. Believe it or not, there are myriad ways that a tree can become damaged to the point where it needs to have broken branches or split limbs removed. In fact, one strike of lightning or one exceptionally strong gust of wind is all it takes to create a dangerously dangling tree limb that’s just waiting to drop.

If you have a precariously perched broken branch or damaged tree, we can provide any of the following services:

  • General tree health assessment
  • Damage assessment
  • Tree repair
  • Branch removal
  • Tree removal
  • Site cleanup
Tree & Storm Cleanup

When was the last time you woke up, looked out your window, and realized that one of your favorite trees had suffered some sort of damage? With Wisconsin’s strong winds and wicked winters, storm damaged trees are not an uncommon sight in Oconomowoc and throughout Lake Country. And, for those property owners with plenty of trees, the threat of storm damage can be very real.

Luckily, storm damage doesn’t necessarily mean that a tree needs to be removed. Skilled, professional emergency tree care can safely repair trees that have suffered damage due to high winds and lightening—and protect your tree and property from further damage. If you have a storm-damaged tree, call us today for a free estimate on our storm damage repair services.

Wood Chips & Firewood

If you don’t want to waste your valuable Oconomowoc wood, let us recycle it for you. We can chip your trees to make firewood logs or a non-decorative mulch that’s great for retaining moisture and preventing weed growth.

Our Oconomowoc tree services are available throughout southeastern Wisconsin. To learn more about us or our tree care philosophy, we encourage you to explore our website.