Pewaukee Tree Service

For tree service in Pewaukee that’s backed by plenty of glowing testimonials and an A+ Better Business Rating, call us. Our first priority is 100% customer satisfaction, and it shows in every aspect of our service. From stump removal and tree pruning to storm damage repair and tree removal, when you choose us for your Pewaukee tree care services, you can count on total satisfaction.

Tree Pruning

Can you remember the last time that professional pruners inspected and pruned your trees? If it’s been awhile, it may be time to call in a professional to assess the health of your trees. A knowledgeable pruner can help direct and monitor the growth of your trees, and catch any potential issues before they grow out of hand.

We offer the following high-quality pruning services to maintain tree appearance, integrity and health:

  • Standard pruning
  • Subordination and structural pruning
  • Hazard branch removal
  • Crown cleaning and reduction
Hazardous Tree Limb Removal

Having damaged and diseased tree limbs removed from your trees is just one of the many ways that professional pruners can help you protect the health and appearance of the trees on your property. Choosing a professional is important, however, when looking for a tree service, because improper or heavy pruning can seriously impact the health of a tree for years.

Our professional Pewaukee tree services include comprehensive limb and branch removal services, which, depending on your needs, could include:

  • Branch removal and tree repair
  • Damage and health assessment
  • Site cleanup
Wood Chips & Firewood

If you want to make the most of your valuable Pewaukee wood, we can chip it for mulch or firewood. Our coarse, non-decorative wood chip mulch is great for preventing weeds and retaining moisture around tree bases and in garden beds.

Storm Damage Repair

Wisconsin weather is unpredictable. Lightning bolts, gales of wind, and random flying objects aren’t just common, they’re to be expected. And any one of those things can damage your trees.

If you have a storm damaged tree that you’re hoping to save, we may be able to help. Even trees that seem to have suffered severe damage can sometimes be saved.

Our storm damage repair services include a thorough tree damage and health assessment, tree repair or tree removal (as needed), and thorough lot clean up.

Tree Removal

We’re dedicated arborists, and as such, we have a sincere love for trees. We’re just passionate about trees and the huge impact that they have in the day-to-day lives of everyone. So, when we say, “We treat your yard as if it were our own,” we actually mean it.

So, if you need a tree removed, you can count on us to thoroughly inspect and advise you on how we can help. As part of our comprehensive tree removal services, we’ll thoroughly assess your tree’s health and condition, manage all of the utility company and permitting details, notify your neighbors, and thoroughly clean up your lot when we’re done.

Stump Removal and Stump Grinding

Do you really want to wait 10 or more years for the old, dead tree stump that’s ruining your lawn to finally disappear on its own? Especially when that ugly stump could be removed in a day or two? If not, call us today about our professional stump removal and stump grinding services. We can quickly, safely and professionally remove your stump so that the area is solid and ready to be sodded or landscaped.

Our services include removing the stump to 8-14 inches below ground level, grinding it out, backfilling it, and then leveling the grade (for a level lawn or landscaped area).

Bush & Shrub Trimming

If you’re a Pewaukee homeowner, you probably already know what a huge difference having well-maintained bushes and shrubs makes when it comes to the overall appearance of a home. Switch out the well-trimmed bushes in front of one house with scraggly, overgrown shrubbery and suddenly a lovely home looks practically abandoned. Trust us to maintain your bushes and shrubs and we’ll give your shrubbery the same meticulous care that we’ll give your trees.

Our Pewaukee tree services are available throughout southeastern Wisconsin. To learn more about us or our tree care philosophy, we encourage you to explore our website.